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Pharos Receives 2016 Quality Excellence Award from HP.

Posted 24th July 2017

Pharos Receives 2016 Quality Excellence Award from HP.

Pharos was recently presented with its fourth straight Quality Excellence Award at the 2016 HP Partner Conference. We are pleased and thankful to be recognized in this way by HP, and we will continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our partners.

In the words of Ed Wingate, VP & GM of JetAdvantage Document Solutions at Hewlett-Packard:

“At HP, quality means products developed with the customer’s needs above all else. The Quality Excellence Award recognizes a partner who demonstrates this exacting standard of quality in its print solutions. In their collaboration with HP on HP JetAdvantage Insights, Pharos Systems International has been quick to meet new feature requests and changing requirements driven by customer feedback. Response from customers has been uniformly full of praise. For their outstanding work on Insights and other Pharos solutions, HP proudly presents Pharos with the 2016 HP JetAdvantage Solutions Quality Excellence Award.”

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