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New SafeCom GO HP Future Smart

Posted 19th June 2016

Our three solutions – Equitrac, SafeCom and Output Manager – reduce the burden on IT, lower costs and make printing more efficient; all of which result in a more productive workforce and a much happier IT staff.
Nuance print management software enables organizations to control, manage and monitor their entire print environment to reduce costs, bolster security and improve ease-of-use. Nuance works with businesses and managed print services providers to develop comprehensive print management solutions strategies. Nuance solutions focus on four key areas: security and authentication, hardware fleet optimization, consumables cost reduction and network infrastructure.
Nuance Document Imaging provides software solutions and expertise for professionals and organizations to gain optimal control of their document and information processes. Its expansive portfolio enables strict compliance with information security policies and regulations while enabling organizations to streamline and eliminate gaps across the full spectrum of workflows spanning the lifecycle of their documents from origin to archiving. For users, Nuance’s Imaging solutions deliver an experience that is consistent, familiar and intuitive for more efficient, natural, and intelligent interactions with technologies used to create, capture, and process documents.
Nuance continues to lead the independent software vendor market. Each of Nuance’s three software solutions has helped build their device and print management offering.

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