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National Bank of AbuDhabi choses Nuance-Safecom

Posted 5th January 2016

National Bank of AbuDhabi choses Nuance-Safecom

The driver behind the implementation of the intelligent print management solutions from Nuance was to bring greater control and insight to printed output and bring accountability for what was being printed and by whom.
The deployment of Safecom – Nuance’s print management and cost recovery solution – has slashed needless print waste, and has had a positive knock-on effect on cost savings.

  • To bring control and visibility to print management
  • To dramatically reduce print volumes and paper recycling
  • To optimise the process for populating fields on forms
  • To deploy Nuance Safecom
  • To implement secure print to prevent breaches in document security
  • Reduction in print output
  • ROI within 12 months
  • Granular insight into printer use through Safcom’s comprehensive reporting
  • Success paves way for broader deployment and greater savings.
  • Constructing a case for intelligent print management

Today, we match the NBAD specific needs with an integrated Print Management Solution slashing the print costs by 30 % across all branches in UAE with state of art Secure Printing Solution. Thanks to its unrivalled experience and relationship with all major MFP manufacturers, Nuance’s range of imaging solutions is able to leverage the full power of advanced MFPs. This benefits NBAD today, because it is able to track output from all connected printers and devices.

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