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Print Management – Safecom


How much does your organization spend on printing?

The numbers may surprise you. Careless printing practices result in unnecssary spending. With SafeCom you can save an astounding 40% on your print budget through:

  • Reducing paper and toner usage to a fraction — no more misprints.
  • Cost-saving print behavior through optimized color and duplex print settings
  • Consolidated and standardized printer fleet that reduces administration and maintenance expenses.
  • Accurate cost allocation and procurement through centralized track and report management.

SafeCom Pull Print™ is a modern printing solution that safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and e-mail functions. Its user-authentication provides air-tight security on your shared MFPs that function as personal printers.

SafeCom Pull Print with authentication ensures:

  • Documents are delivered only into the right hands
  • Information is kept confidential. No risk of being left unattended at the printer
  • Users login to access MFP functions, like print, copy, scan and e-mail
  • Users login with a simple swipe their key-card
  • Document collection is safe anytime and anywhere — no “print and sprint”
  • Integration with other enterprise applications and workflows is kept secure through single sign-on
  • Savings of up to 20% on your total printing costs
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