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Business Analytics

Business Analytics is now pervasive in almost every financial institution, large or small, across all functional areas and all levels of management, from executives to line operations and from managers to knowledge workers. Transforming data into actionable information through discovering and illustrating patterns, trends, and relationships in business data is a necessary change of thinking from what do I see to what does this mean?

Improvement in productivity and profitability that embrace ‘Data driven decision making’ is the new battleground that will define the next winners in today’s digital and mobile world with an ever growing amounts of data. Building analytics into a core competency will provide insights to customer’s choice of convenience and getting to the right customer at the right time with the right offering.

The experts at SquareOne will partner with you to accelerate and improve the benefits from your data for the critical enablement of digital, direct customer engagement, customer satisfaction and your product, growth and productivity targets.

Our Solutions

  • Improve online sales, direct customer engagement and cost reduction, through data hygiene and sophisticated web-analytics
  • Deploy customer-centric analytics in a product or channel driven organization
  • Improve forecasting and Optimization in Business functions such as Cash Management Integration of efficiency based motivation into the HR procedures
  • Compliance management through reporting and risk analytics

Our professional experience and intense technological knowledge empowers us to cooperate with our customers on the following tasks in areas of Advanced Analytics [Predictive modelling, Optimization, Forecasting], Business Intelligence [Performance Management through KPI and performance tracking], Data Management.

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