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Business Analytics

Manufacturing organisations rely on integrated ERP and such end-to-end solutions covering manufacturing and plant operations, and supported by sales, logistics, financials, etc. Customers rely on operation and production Reporting.

Most manufactures have problems such as

  • Business is real time, systems are not
  • Very complex system landscape
  • Long lead time to implement new functionality
  • IT costs are too high
  • Low Business ownership & high IT responsibility offering very low business value

SquareOne offers high performance End2End information value chain that combines SAP/Oracle ERP and other applications for a real time and 360° visibility. This establishes reliable  “One Source of Truth” which is also Real-Time.  Data model(s) are visible and understandable by business users, accelerating time to market.

SquareOne can offer analytics supporting following line of business and business functions:


  • Financial Accounting (FA)
  • Cost Control (CC)
  • Profit Center Accounting (PCA)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Asset Management (AM)

Sales, Logistics, & Profitability

  • Sales Order Handling and Distribution (SD)
  • Revenue Analysis (RA)
  • Purchasing Management (PU)
  • Inventory Management (IV)
  • Controlling Profitability Analysis (COPA)


  • Human Resources Management (HR)
  • Cross Application Time Management (CATS)

Data Analysis

Master Data Quality Reporting (MDQR)

We can also help with

  • Identification of potential business problem(s),
  • Current analytical and business processes gaps.
  • Establish new insight or result set expected from the analytics
  • Business process changes to operationalize the new insight
  • Identification of business value of operationalizing new insight
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