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Transformation of the Digital Economy in 2023

Actionable Importance of Sustainable Digital Transformation in 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital transformation has become an
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empower business with AI-Driven BI SplashBI Blog

Efficiency Approved: The Impact of Business Intelligence in Operations

In today’s data-driven world, businesses are constantly faced with the
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Process automation leveraging Mendix's Low Code app development platform blog

Unlock Low Code Legacy – Streamline Process Automation Software

Process automation software is a great way to streamline your
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integration AI + RPA for automating the future blog

AI and RPA will it work?

The rise of AI and RPA in the workplace is
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Data extraction with SplashBI blog

How to perform data extraction efficiently

Ranking websites for the best data extraction tools can be
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technology that automates business process with RPA blog

What’s New in RPA?

Many business owners and executives still don’t fully understand robotic
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how to simplify custome application development with Low code No code blog

Low Code applications and what’s new in 2023

Computer software used to be more difficult to use, but
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RPA in business process management use cases

Top 5 Dynamic RPA Use Cases In Front Office

Automation is a hot topic in the business world. Robotic
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transforming digital age business with innovative approaches blog

Transformation of the Digital Economy in 2023

The global digital transformation strategy will unravel in unexpected ways
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5 business benefits of Alfresco for your Financial operations

Introduction 2024 is poised to transform the business landscape like
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Business Process Management

BPM vs. Workflow Management: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

The business environment is grappling with too many technological similarities.
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5 Steps to Implement BPM for Budget Planning and Allocation in Government: Optimizing Resource Management and Fiscal Accountability

Introduction Budget planning and resource management for government initiatives require
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Rapid Chatbot

Leveraging Mendix’s AI-Assisted Development for Rapid Chatbot Prototyping

Chatbot growth is expected to reach about USD 27.6 billion
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Why Every Business Needs a Chatbot: Exploring the Benefits and Use Cases

Introduction The rising chatter about chatbots is impossible to ignore,
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Data lakes

Demystifying Data Lakes and Data Lakehouses – Best Practices for Structuring and Managing Unstructured Data

A survey by Statista projects data (unstructured) growth will be
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Digital Transformation

A Quick Guide to Digital Transformation

A Quick Guide to Digital Transformation Beyond technology, digital transformation
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Data privacy

Data Privacy in BSFI: How Document Management Systems Can Help

Introduction The advancement of automation in financial services has been
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Document Management System

Choosing the Right Document Management System: A Buyer’s Guide

The business environment is leading to new exploration and exciting
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Document Management System

Document Management Systems Explained

  The need for papers in organizations arises from invoices,
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digital transformation failure

Why do digital transformation initiatives fail?

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in today’s fast-paced business
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managed services

What Is Managed Services And Their Benefits?

Are you still relying solely on your in-house IT team
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rpa implementation

RPA Journey: 4 Stages To Successful RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation implementation in the need of the hour
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it process automation

How to Implement IT Process Automation

As we approach the end of 2023, it is evident
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real time analytics

A Comprehensive Guide to Real Time Analytics for Business Success

In the fast-paced world of business, the significance of real
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