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Month: April 2022

Data Lake (DL) and Data Warehouse (DW)

A Data Lake is a central repository that allows structured and unstructured data to be stored at any scale. A Data Warehouse, by contrast, is a system that helps analyze, report, and visualize data to make better decisions.
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How Are Companies Leveraging Alteryx Platforms for Complex Machine Learning?

As difficult as it is for data scientists to label data and develop accurate Machine Learning Models, managing models in production can be even more daunting.
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The Art of Creating Value from Data: Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics uses advanced analytical techniques against massive, diverse datasets from different sources and contains structured, semi–structured, and unstructured data of varying sizes from terabytes to zettabytes.
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What is Data Harmonization and How Essential Is It for Performance Marketing Analysis?

Predictive analytics transforms data into actionable insights, but only when combined with the decision-making process. As businesses become more adept at predictive analytics, data harmonisation becomes critical to success. What exactly is data harmonisation, and why is it important?
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How the Museum of the Future
embodies the potentiality of Robots & Artificial Intelligence?

With the opening date of the Museum of the Future in Dubai approaching (February 22, 2022), attention is turning to the building, which has turned into a masterpiece of architecture, design and engineering creativity in the region and the world. » to the most beautiful museums in the world even before its opening, not only because of its unique design, but also for its innovative innovation that demonstrated the capabilities of robots and artificial intelligence applications in the completion of exceptional projects according to amazing artistic and aesthetic standards.
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Dubai has AI Embedded

Dubai is more geared up more to harness the power of AI than most of its counterparts around the world. And there are several reasons why Dubai has been on the forefront. At the outset there’s a strong conviction and belief from the head of the state and government that they would use technology to enhance efficiencies, productivities of the organisation and well-being of its citizens and residents
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