Ease your Payment Process: Account Receivable Automation

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Relying on paper slows you down. It leads to prolonged days sales outstanding (DSO) as well as delayed deposits and inaccurate
cash flow projections. By capturing and processing payments automatically, you increase the speed and accuracy of your accounts
receivable (AR) processes.

Decreasing your dependence on paper allows you to increase your operational efficiency and decrease the occurrence of misapplied
cash. Information flows through your processes, reaches everyone who needs it, integrates with critical applications and provides
real-time insight into the health of your finances.

You may have a lot of choices, but these six categories comprise the “Gold Standard” of a true enterprise content management (ECM)
solution. When researching your options to solve these business pains, make sure the solution you choose can perform all of them.


Electronically capture remittances and paper from any location.
Automatically classifying your documents means minimal data entry – and less paper.


Increase the speed and accuracy of your AR and payment application processes. Automatically reconcile payments to outstanding invoices and track all documents throughout their lifecycle.


Everyone who needs to access content and processes does so easily, no matter their location. The user experience is personalized, integrated with accounting and ERP applications, available from mobile devices and
extended to authorized users outside of your organization.


Seamlessly integrate your accounting and ERP applications without custom coding. Not only is content instantly available directly from the applications users rely on every day, but the systems synchronize data in real time behind the scenes.


Monitor and report on the information and activities within your ECM solution. Identify and eliminate payment processing bottlenecks. Prepare for audits with instant insight into exactly what information you do and don’t have – all without involving IT administrators.


Securely store and protect invoices, remittances and payment data from disaster during their entire lifecycles with built-in data redundancy. Automatically destroy content when it expires in accordance with legal retention requirements.

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