6 Trends to look for in BI

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The field of business intelligence is always changing. But even with technology moving at a fast pace and data users’ demands morphing, some factors of the industry have remained the same. For instance, broader use of predictive analytics remains an aspirational goal for most companies. Suboptimal data quality continues to be problematic. The requirement for information governance is high, but maturity is lower than it needs to be.

But it’s important to look ahead for the industry. What’s in store? Read on to find out our view of what the industry’s current critical trends are and how users are becoming information activists.

Data consumers are transforming into information activists.

Rather than just consuming information, users are now engaging in data prep and profiling. By creating visual apps, users are expressing their views and learning about themselves through being actively engaged with the growing volumes of data.

Governed data discovery becomes essential.

Self-service BI is the new normal. With more data out there, users want to become Download complete article here…

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