Mobility in public sector

Government organizations face a dual challenge: fulfilling their responsibility to protect and serve citizens—from security and disaster response to the administration of public entitlements—while meeting ever-tighter budgets to control the cost to taxpayers. This becomes ever more difficult as the complexity and volume of regulatory mandates, citizen needs and caseloads increase. Government organizations must be able to share and act on vital information as effectively as possible across functions, agencies and borders. Agencies must support government agents wherever they work, whether at a main or remote agency, at home or on the road, by providing reliable, high-availability access to resources. IT must also deliver data to multiple branch locations, often across state and national boundaries, and recover quickly from service disruptions. Content privacy and security are essential to ensure that confidential information is not compromised.


  • Protect confidential data and keeping sensitive government data secure by granting flexible, multi-level access to authorized personnel.
  • Recover from disasters quickly and effectively, ensuring that desktops, applications and data are accessible prior to, during and after a disaster so that government workers can respond to emergencies in real-time.
  • Provide high availability of data to increase worker productivity and satisfaction, enabling government workers to have uninterrupted, secure and instant access to desktop and applications as they roam from location to location, device to device and network to network.
  • Increase IT productivity to meet the needs of all workers while reducing operational costs

Citrix technology helps government bodies at all levels, including federal, state and local, support their organization across any number of locations through a secure, highly cost-effective centralized infrastructure that ensures business continuity and rapid disaster recovery.