Mobility for Students

“Enable mobility for students and staff while cutting costs”

Education is increasingly going online. From recruiting, and conducting classes, to providing students with various services or managing staff and internal resources, educational institutions are turning to Windows applications and the web to streamline processes and cut costs. More and more schools are implementing e-learning programs to expand the reach of their classrooms to students across campus and around the globe.

This online movement involves many demanding requirements that extend beyond IT efficiency and cost reductions. These demands include privacy of information, a spike in usage of application servers for the few days centered around class registration periods, and a server infrastructure that can adapt as more services (for example, CPU-intensive e-learning programs) become available online.

Get results with Citrix solutions

  • Protect confidentiality and keeping data secure by granting delegated levels of access to students and staff.
  • Lower total cost of operations to meet the challenge of diminishing budgets and government incentives. Educational organizations must find a way to do more with less to avoid decreasing the quality of education provided to students.
  • Provide reliable, anywhere access to give students and faculty the ability to access the IT services they need to learn and work from anywhere no matter what.
  • Deliver ease-of-use to increase productivity while reducing costs by allowing IT to easily consolidate and standardize all desktops, applications and data in the datacenter, and deliver an optimal desktop and application experience while reducing management, maintenance and support costs.

Citrix solutions help educational organizations at every level—from primary and secondary schools to institutions for higher education—meet the needs of their students and staff more effectively while addressing critical needs to reduce costs and maintain effective security.